Dermalogica Facial Treatments

Choose the time you would like to spend with us from our Bespoke 30 or 60  then add your Power Up Customs and we can create a facial experience just for you 

Bespoke30       $60

30 minutes of Sublime time customised to suit your needs and specific skin concerns.  Results driven treatment in a convenient amount of time for you

Bespoke60       $100

60 minutes of Sublime time with results and relaxation. We can target your skin concerns while enjoying the right amount of pampering and relaxation


Power Up Customs  $30

Add on to any Bespoke Facial Treatment

Dermalogica Pro Power Peel

Personally tailored skin peel depending on your skin health, concerns, goals and skin care use. Choose from UltraBright Peel, AdvancedRenewal Peel or PowerClear Peel or combine all three to target different areas of concern

LED Light Treatment 

Stimulate your skins own cells to rejuvenate and function optimally to increase blood circulation and lymphatic flow. Non invasive with no downtime. Great for acne and inflamed skins to promote healing and kill acne causing bacteria. Choose from Red (optimal skin health) Blue (acne) and Purple light (combination) Great for all skin types!

Collagen Masque

Deeply hydrating with our 99% pure collagen masque. Great for plumping fine lines around the eye, mouth and forehead areas

Back Massage

Begin your facial experience with a 15 minute back massage followed by hot steam towel. The ultimate in relaxation and stress release

Power Up Customs    $15


Decongest, purify and release those pesky blackheads for clearer, smoother skin


Perfect for dull, poor skin texture. Remove surface layer skin cells to resurface and reveal a glow with smoother, even texture and no downtime.  Removing surface layer cells can also help with absorption of moisturisers and boosters for more effective results

Stress Positive Eye Lift 

You'll love this cooling eye massage with our Stress Positive Eye Masque and specialised roller tools to depuff and relax your eye area. Great for people who suffer with sinus or headaches